David Bowie - The Album

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie.

Uncle Authur (2:07)
Sell Me A Coat (2:58)
Rubber Band - Version 2 (2:17)
Love You Till Tuesday (3:09)
There Is A Happy Land (3:11)
We Are Hungry Men (2:58)
When I Live My Dream - Version 1 (3:22)
Little Bombardier (3:24)
Silly Boy Blue (3:48)
Come And Buy My Toys (2:07)
Join The Gang (2:17)
She's Got Medals (2:23)
Maid Of Bond Street (1:43)
Please Mr. Gravedigger - Version 2 (2:35)

Release details

Released June 2, 1967 in the UK
Decca Records
Manufactured and marketed by PolyGram Records
Musical Arrangements
Dek Fearnley/David Bowie
Mike Vernon
Gus Dudgeon

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