Having a Baby!!


On February 13, 2000, David and Iman announced that they were expecting a child in August! This announcment didn't necessary suprise us in the Bowie world, for David was hinting around in the Bowie Net Chat room that a "suprise" was on it's way! But, it was a shock to some!

I remember waking up and checking my email, a friend or two had emailed me with a link to a news website and there it was, right there, Iman was pregnant! I was SO elated!! I became busy feeling like I was going to gain a little brother or sister! It was so great!

Here is what my local newspaper had to say about it:

Super-rich rocker David Bowie and his wife Iman said Sunday that they are expecting their first child in August. Bowie and Iman, a Somali fashion model, married in 1992. "It's been a long and patient wait for our baby, but both Iman and I wanted the circumstances to be absolutly right, and didn't want to find ourselves working flat out during the first couple of years of the baby's life," Bowie said. "This is a wonderful time in both our lives." Bowie also has a grown son- first known as Zowie but later as Joey- from a previous marriage in the wacky '70s. Iman has a daughter, Zulekha, from her marriage to former professional basketball star Spencer Haywood.

And then the time came; this was the announcment I found;

Alexandria Zahra Jones

born on August 15, 2000 at 5:06 AM

7 lbs 4.6 oz


Here are some pictures:

David and Iman with little Alex

David and Alex with a view of New York!

Dad and Daughter!

Proud parents!


Irrestible! Simply irrestible!

She's definently adorable!



{Forever Bowie}